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All About Me

My mom was the first. After she became a Realtor in 1981 and loved the business, the rest of the family decided to follow suit. My grandmother was next in the mid 80’s and next my aunt decided that London needed a good Realtor! My path started in a different direction but I had the family affinity for customer service. I spent 12 years working for an airline. I absolutely loved my job, as working with the public gave me great satisfaction. It was when I was at the top of the ranks I decided that I would like to build a career helping my own clients, and being raised on Real Estate I decided, “why not?”, the family could use one more Realtor!   Since beginning my career in real estate in 2002, I am happy and proud to say that my wonderful clients have helped me to consistently be in the top of the ranks at my company, and earn many awards.” I love my job!”